The Adversary is something we can all relate to.
Conflicts or disputes that one contends with, opposes, or resists.

The by-line: Steal. Kill. Destroy. To a secular world, the words could be intriguing. To a Christian, the words can be recognized from John 10:10.

A psychological thriller inspired by a true story. Thrillers and true stories trend extremely high in attracting theatergoers.

On top of our faith-based audience, we also want to make the story appealing to a secular audience for the widest reach possible. We aim to spotlight the human condition and affect positive change by bringing this story to light.

The image is our proposed poster for the movie The Adversary. As you study the image there is a man falling through broken glass representing each of us: we are broken.

Movie Poster


A loving father, combating addiction and inexorable mental demons, descends down a dark path. What begins as hedonistic bliss culminates in supernatural forces threatening to consume him and destroy his relationship with everyone who cares for him. The Adversary is a story of desperation, transformation, and ultimately, redemption.